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Aug 22

Ethan Morgan “On Deck” in Snowboarder Mag

Reel Theory was happy to pitch in and help out Ethan film some extra space in his part for the year.  All his Mt Hood footage in this piece we filmed in the HCSC in the course of a couple days. Check out his tricky Front Side 3 Pre-Indy grabs, and “Off the Heals” back 5’s… impressive stuff! This edit mostly shows Ethans season in on piece and salutes him on his On Deck exposure in Snowboarder Magazine.  Congrats Ethan!

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As a supplement to Ethan Morgan’s “On Deck” in the August 2012 issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine Ethan provided us a video featuring proof of why this guy deserved that page in the mag. See what Alexis De Tarde has to say about Ethan below and be sure to subscribe or download the digital issue to see the rest of the magazine.

“Ethan Morgan is his own breed of rider. Born in Japan from a German mother and an American father, he has lived on both sides of the Atlantic, making him some sort of pretzel-burger with a touch of soy sauce. He started boarding in Mittenwald, Germany, pumped on Ross Powers. Everyone quickly noticed him for his precision, good nature, explosive potential, and sleepy style that he smeared across the sky on the regular. Nowadays he calls Innsbruck his home, and you can catch him riding every side of the mountain, including rails, park, and pow. Look out for him this year in Standard’s latest film busting out this fall on a screen near you.” — ALEXIS DE TARADE

ESPN, First Time with NATE “BOZ-NUTS”

Though it’s been a while since Nate Bozung set the pace himself, he inspired many of the so-called “urban snowboarders” who are currently holding court in the wintery, rail-filled streets of downtowns across North America today — both through his style, and through his taking the time to bring some of the young guns up when he was on top. He’s also one of the most colorful characters in snowboarding, and kind of like a Yeti in that when you see him darting by you have to pick up a camera and document the event so people don’t think you’re making it up.

We caught up with Bozung at his LA crash pad and asked him a few questions about the good old days, where he’s been, and if he’s going to get back on his board soon. Here’s what he had to say.


Aug 13

MASS ART ALUMNI Newletter; Mutty & Reel Theory Highlighted

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Back in late June I was able to take a summer film class at MASS ART about producing a documentary with Julie Mazzolli, and I stopped in the alumni office for a moment to pick up my student ID card. This moment turned into a 15 minute conversation about how life has been since graduation. That 15 minute conversation has lead to this nice article written by the alumni director Darlene Gillan. I loved my time at MASS ART and really couldn’t say enough about how my education had helped to shape my career. From this brief interaction, we were able to establish a great dialogue about how “MASS ART made me fearless” (college motto). We have carried the conversation past the article into possible teaching and panel discussions. I am happy that we connected and made such a wonderful relationship since.  Thanks Darlene and thanks MASS ART!

Jun 9

"I skate Rye" with Zac Rose

Rye Airfield is THE place if you want to skateboard vert in New England. Reel Theory Productions caught up with Zac Rose at his home training ground and got to film this after hours commercial. Zac comes here to skate because this is the only pipe at his level that he can train on when looking to make his way onto the Dew Tour skate competition scene. Check out the video, and subscribe to our RTP page!

Jun 4

Latest ESPN video, Chris Grenier Face Time

Check out the latest and greatest video of Chris Grenier by Reel Theory that is being hosted on ESPN action sports page!

May 26

Ready Customs - Motorcycles built with integrity.

"Here at Ready Customs we do Custom," Owner Shaun Ready explains, "one off’s, hand made parts, to Ready ReFit." Shaun has been fabricating parts for bikes since he was 16. It all started with replacing BMX parts he couldn’t find anywhere fast enough. Following his old mans foot steps into the awning world, Shaun couldn’t settle on only building awnings… he had a need for something more creative. This is where Ready Customs was born. Watch this video and check out Shaun’s point of view on creativity, customs, and his personal favorite bike, "Sugar Momma".

May 24

Document This #4; Documentary update for final leg of the first trip.

Here is the final edit for my last trip. This video give you a wrap up of the trip and some more info about what to look forward to for future edits. Once we sort the material from the trip and find the teaser reel for our project I can then post a new teaser with a bit more direction about the project. Until then this will be the best we can do. Look out for the first interview / info to drop soon… and until then Document This!

May 17

Get Weird on ESPN

Reel Theory made a stop by SuperPark 16 this past week and checked out what GNU  was working with… turns out it was all about getting weird. Check it!

Document This #3

The Story within a Story continues from Los Angeles CA, on the third of four stops on the beginning of this documentary filming mission. Standing outside the Memorial Coliseum, I thought it was appropriate to update everyone from an Olympic”perspective. On this update we talk about the trip from OR to CA. Stop by the general assembly in Venice to view the TTR general assembly, and also catch up with friends Nate Bozung, and Dingo. Still have So Cal to go… Stay tuned. Document this!

May 12

Episode #2 …. The Sory within a Story, Document This….

A stop off at Super Park, a chat with a couple legends and the opportunity to Get Weird with GNU. Check out this quick update of the second half of my “Story within a Story”, episode 2. Document This!

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