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Apr 1

USASA Parade and Chuck Allen Family Presentation from VideoGamesEvent on Vimeo.

USASA Nationals is celebrating the silver 25th anniversary season in truly epic fashion. Chuck Allen had dedicated his life to USASA and its beginning, and his family was invited to this years ceremony to join us in celebrity his legacy.

Mar 31

Mar 30

Feb 28

WV Park Staff, Video Games Event Stop #5 at Waterville Valley from VideoGamesEvent on Vimeo.

You know you have a legit park when the Park Crew can hang with all the competitors. Waterville Valley Park crew puts a ton of effort into providing you with one the East Coast Premiere Parks. Being recognized for a number of years as one of the top 5 park resorts on the East, Waterville knows what they are doing. This year at the Video Games Event stop the Staff found time to show the world they can ride too. Here is Waterville Parks Staff edit, WHoop WHoop!

Team Old School, Video Games Event Stop #5 at Waterville Valley from VideoGamesEvent on Vimeo.

You know your “Old School” when… You still have your “Certified Snow Boarder” card from 87. Yeah that’s right… Old School edit drops showing the people of the world that you can never be to old to have fun. Our team age added up = triple digits!! 156. You don’t have to be the best pro rider, you don’t need to be a celebrity, its all about filming and telling that story. Video Games Event is all about filming and trying to cover all bases. Best Filming, Best Action, Best Storyline, Most Creative, and Viewers Choice is how we award the prizes. VGE runs 6 local events in New England, a National Event with USASA, and we also run a online qualifier event for the US Open Qualifiers. We take pride in knowing that we are providing opportunity for kids, young adults and adults of all ages that love filming, skiing and snowboarding. Follow us online, at

Feb 25

Feb 17

Feb 12

Video Games Event Stop #3_ Nashoba Valley February 8th, 2014 from VideoGamesEvent on Vimeo.

Nashoba Valley was stop #3 on the 2014 East Coast Series of Video Games Event. The sun was out and so were the guns. Teams were throwing down in Nashoba’s new park and hitting virtually everything in site. GoPro’s were all over the place catching every trick on the shot list. This stop focused on the cammo killer hunting down features and getting his shots. This weeks stop list consisted of the following. Watch out for these clips in the upcoming videos.
Next stop is Sunday River on February 15th. Be there!
1- Film 4 GoPro POV SHOTS
3- Frankenstein Bonk
4- Follow Cam through Mini Jump Line
5- 50 Tail grab over rainbow bridge like GoPro Team Rider Jamie Anderson
6- DFDFD - Get That!
7- Hug a member of the Nashoba Valley Park Staff
8- Instagram a shot of your LOVE sticker tag @videogamesevent and #filmyourfaceoff
9- Get creative on the Office Park feature
10- Show us a shot outside of the park

Jan 29

Video Games Event Stop #2, Gunstock Jan 25th, 2014 from VideoGamesEvent on Vimeo.

The event at Gunstock started out on a very cold morning, but with rising temps came rising energy. The Teams hit the slopes hard, wasting no time on the shot list. Most teams came down with over half the list knocked off after the first run, which left ample time to add their special touches to the edits. Kids were knocking out some of the more difficult shots with ease and the jump line was on point, finishing off with a pristine kicker at the end which had just the right amount of pop. The day stayed mostly cloudy but for a few solid runs the sun came out to warm everything up. Cruising around the resort, you could catch a glimpse of the elusive Smith Optics Uncle Sam, who was donning his Smith goggles and a snappy pair of red, white and blue pants and coat. GoPro boxes lined the features and teams scattered about getting that signature GoPro POV shot. The day was filled with high spirits, high energy, and kids having a blast with their friends.

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